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"I want to try yoga but I'm NOT flexible"
"I want to try yoga but I don't have the time"
"I want to try yoga but I'm not sure if it goes against my religious beliefs"

Is this you?....... Talking yourself out of starting your yoga practice?

I have the ANSWERS to eliminate ALL YOUR DOUBTS. Come dive in to discover the wonderful benefits of adding yoga to your overall life!!!!

I've trained with some of the best yoga instructors in the world---From LadyDork to The Rasta Yogi- so allow me to be a RESOURCE FOR YOU!

Don't let the fears of flexibility, time or uncertainty keep you from enjoying this life changing practice.

I want to try yoga but I'm NOT Flexible EBOOK will cover:

*What is yoga?
*Different Styles of Yoga
*Is yoga a religion?
*The benefits of Breathing
*Tips for your first yoga class
*How to prevent injuries in Yoga
*How to utilize yoga to combat some of life's biggest stresses
*Stretching 101
-10 of the best stretches to start practicing TODAY to improve flexibility

Grab a copy of this EBOOK TODAY to start your life changing journey!

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